tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.


OK, I had a lot to eat at lunch… so maybe I fell asleep at my desk and I’m dreaming this:

According to Ynet, Hizbala fired a long-range rocket at Israel, and hit Jenin. This is the furthest a rocket has gone yet… apparently ‘Palestinians overjoyed by rocket attacks’… even though they hit a Palestinian refugee camp ?

Is it me?

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Did I mention I’m Canadian??

Today I am a very proud Canadian. I’m proud of PM Harper and two fellow Canadians who have had the courage to expose the truth about Israel’s mistaken bombing of a UN post in Lebanon.

The facts from Andrew Bolt.

Not only did PM Harper call Kofi Annan out on his preposterous and biased accusation that Israel killed those UN soldiers on purpose (!!!), but thanks to a Canadian UN soldier who reported what was really going on (days ago), and Canadian Major General Lewis Mackenzie who has gone public with the emails he received from that soldier (reporting that Hezbala was attacking the UN soldiers and using the UN post for cover) – the truth is out.

Kofi… you have some ‘splainin to do…
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