tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

Why I’ll Probably Vote Likud – Part 1

Netanyahu’s message of the day today (in Hebrew) is one of the reasons he’s probably going to get elected.

I didn’t translate the whole thing, but basically he is urging the Prime Minister to stop wasting time and do something about the rocket attacks that are still occurring.

Why is he the only one talking about the fact that the ceasefire is being constantly violoated by Hamas?
The rockets are still coming – and the prime minister, and Barak and Livni are acting like nothing is happening.

Israel has made a grave mistake. Somewhere along the way, shooting just a few rockets into Israel became acceptable. Especially if they don’t actually land on anyone’s house, but just cause an entire town to go back into shock when they hear air raid sirens.

When did this become OK? Who said that we tolerate this until someone gets killed?

I think that Netanyahu is the only one who is going to actually hit the reset button on this horrible expectation. He’s the only one who can raise the bar back to where it should be – where attempting to kill Israeli civilians is not ok. Whether or not the attacks are successful is not relevant. The (war) crime is deliberately targeting civilians and this is still happening.


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Women on the Sharia Bench

This from MEMRI Blog:
Abbas Approves Appointment of Two Female Shari’a Court Judges

This might be fascinating.

It is hard to imagine how a woman will interpret or be able to administer such a mysogynistic code of law.

It’s kind of like a slaughterhouse employing a chicken…

I am trying to figure out how I can follow this development.

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