tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

I’ve never been as proud of Israel as I am today

Today, Ezer Mizion (The Israel Health Support Organization) ran a campaign throughout Israel to collect blood samples in order to find bone marrow donors for 6-year-old Amit Kadosh and  3-year old Dan Nevo, who are suffering from Leukemia and for whom there are currently no matches in the database.

My sister and I went to one mall where a testing station had been set up and found that so many people had come before us, that they had run out of blood vials. We went to another mall where there was  a blood testing station – and waited in line with HUNDREDS of other people to be tested. After we had gotten our vials, but were still waiting to be tested, this station also ran out.

It was only when we got home in the evening that we heard on the news that this was the case at virtually every one of the 84 testing stations in the country. Israelis of all walks of life left their jobs, their studies, their routine to stand in line – sometimes for more than two hours – to see if they could be the one person who would be able to save one of these kids.

I wish that all of those who have accused Israel in the past weeks of having little regard for the lives of innocents, for the lives of children, could have seen what I saw today.

In my opinion, if there is one secret to the miraculous survival of this little country, it’s the fact that when push comes to shove, we are one family.  We are willing to make sacrifices for strangers. We are not a nation of individuals as much as we are parts of a greater whole. Today every one of the thousands of people who showed up to be tested did so because in a way they truly felt that Amit and Dan were not someone else’s children, but their own.  They were called on and they answered. It’s a very very proud day for Israel.


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