tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

A letter from Israel

Just a “hasbara” piece I wrote.

Dear friends,
Just a couple of short weeks after returning from our wonderful visit, we find ourselves again at war. This one is closer to home for us, although thankfully we are not directly in harm’s way.

I wanted to write to you because as usual, the news media, the United Nations and many foreign governments are again, attacking Israel for defending herself against terror. I know that this message is being delivered to friends. To people who, though not here physically, are here with us in your hearts and thoughts and prayers. If you want to know if you can help Israel in this fight, you can. Your voices are all we have against the massive distortions of reality and the campaign to deligitimize the right of the Jewish State to defend herself.

The Arab propaganda machine, helped by most of the mainstream news wires, the UN and most of Europe’s leadership are doing their utmost to cloud the real issue here. To try to make this about crimes against the Palestinians and to characterize Israel as a monster. These are lies. People who take responsibility for knowing the truth are aware of this. People who love Israel and who apply the same moral standards to all people and all governments can and must speak out against this.

When news outlets like CNN use phrases like “assault on civilians in Gaza”, remind them of the pamphlets that are dropped and the Arabic-speaking Israeli soldiers who phone the residents surrounding Hamas targets hours in advance warning them to get out in order to minimize civilian casualties – despite the significant negative impact on our own campaign. Remind them that while the images broadcast are chaotic and bloody, the IAF has managed to acheive an incredibly miniscule 10-15% civilian casualty rate – surgical by any standard and something to be contrasted with Hamas’ 100% civilian casualty rate in their sustained rocket attacks against Israel.
Remind them that the enemy’s military leader purposely put his wives and children in a home built on an enormous weapons cache full of explosives and missiles in order to either use helpless civilians as human shields or to purposely bring about their deaths because he realizes that to the average news consumer, all he needs to do is make sure the numbers of casualties are high enough and he has acheived his goal against Israel.

When they decry the fact that there is a humanitarian crisis (caused by Israel) in Gaza, remind them that the hospitals in Gaza are now doubly crowded because of Hamas “fighters” are hiding in them.
Remind them of theline of dozens of trucks carrying food and medical supplies into Gaza – supplied by Israel – in the days before the operation.

When you hear that familiar, ridiculous phrase “disproportionate response”, remind them that this operation follows over 4000 rockets and another 4000 mortar shells fired out of Gaza into Israel at Israeli towns in the last 8 years. Towns with special centers set up to handle the thousands of residents being treated for chronic anxiety from living with constant sirens.
Towns whose children haven’t had one school year without major interruption because their schools aren’t constructed to withstand mortars. Towns whose kindergartens and daycare centers are set up in bomb shelters because when a kassam rocket is fired, there is only a few seconds to get to shelter before it falls – not enough time to collect toddlers and get them to safety.
Remind them that 6 days ago they couldn’t be bothered to care – nevermind protest and write articles – about the fact that cities in the south of Israel have been hit with rocket attacks for the last 7 years.

When the U.N. representatives from vicious Arab dictatorships are permitted to showcase their lies in the nodding forum of the security council and call this a massacre or compare it to the slaughter they stood idly by and watched happen in Rwanda, they should be reminded of the Rafah crossing into Egypt – which could be used to bring supplies into Gaza just like the crossings from Israel could, but instead is a line of empty waiting Egyptian ambulances because Hamas won’t let the injured out to Egyptian hospitals.

That in contrast with the construction worker in Ashkelon – an Israeli Arab critically injured by a grad rocket, who was rescued by Israeli paramedics and treated by Israeli doctors just the same as if he were a Jewish citizen of Israel. Because the implication that this is an ethnic conflict is a slap in the face to every Jew on this earth and something we must immediately expose as the twisted lie that it is.

Show your support for those few lonely administrations who are not willing to trade their moral integrity to appease the Arab world and are standing up to state the very simple truth that Israel is only protecting her own civilian citizens and that it is within every state’s right to do that.

Never fall for the equivalence pushed by media whose motives are political correctness (or worse). Do not be afraid to speak out for the moral superiority of Israel’s value system over that of Hamas’. This just excuses the unspeakable crimes they have committed against both Israel and their own people.


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I’m back…

Hopefully writing will hold me on the right side of the sanity line. It doesn’t always work, but it’s the cheapest option.

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OK, I had a lot to eat at lunch… so maybe I fell asleep at my desk and I’m dreaming this:

According to Ynet, Hizbala fired a long-range rocket at Israel, and hit Jenin. This is the furthest a rocket has gone yet… apparently ‘Palestinians overjoyed by rocket attacks’… even though they hit a Palestinian refugee camp ?

Is it me?

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Did I mention I’m Canadian??

Today I am a very proud Canadian. I’m proud of PM Harper and two fellow Canadians who have had the courage to expose the truth about Israel’s mistaken bombing of a UN post in Lebanon.

The facts from Andrew Bolt.

Not only did PM Harper call Kofi Annan out on his preposterous and biased accusation that Israel killed those UN soldiers on purpose (!!!), but thanks to a Canadian UN soldier who reported what was really going on (days ago), and Canadian Major General Lewis Mackenzie who has gone public with the emails he received from that soldier (reporting that Hezbala was attacking the UN soldiers and using the UN post for cover) – the truth is out.

Kofi… you have some ‘splainin to do…
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Israel's "Disproportionate Response”

The problem is that the concept of “proportionality” is an overly simplistic way of judging Israel’s response. Yes, the collateral damage is much higher and number of civilian casualties are probably much higher too (I say probably because aside from old ladies and children, no one can really tell the
difference between a Hezbala terrorist and a civilian).
Proportionality also isn’t a meaningful concept in war – when you’re at war, especially if you’re Israel, you’re there to win. You’re not there to take unnecessary risks and handicap yourself so that your response will be closer-aligned to the military inferiority of your attacker. I think what has many of Israel’s critics smarting isn’t the idea of proportionality, but the idea of punitiveness.

The notion that Israel is doing the amount of damage we’re doing in order to punish the Lebanese people for tolerating/supporting Hezbala or in order to use these civilians as sacrificial lambs to send a warning to Syria and Iran are distasteful military objectives and there is definitely defensible argument that it’s just not worth the cost.

However, there are other problems that need to be considered here. Problems that aren’t readily obvious from the images broadcast on CNN. Those who are responsibly devoted to the quality of the discourse must consider these facts before jumping to the “disproportionate response” conclusion.
I will outline some of these problems here:

1. Hezbala’s objective is to transport the kidnapped soldiers to Iran in order to prevent Israel from rescuing them. I don’t think I need to go into the consequences to a Jewish soldier of winding up in captivity in Iran (but let’s just say that there are things much worse than death) or the danger Israel faces by allowing terrorists to use kidnapping Israeli soldiers as a means to their ends.
Israel needed to block the exits – despite the apparent extremity of this course of action. And the IAF did it in a way as to minimize casualties. They called the airport in advance and warned them to evacuate. They took out runways, not the airport itself. Bridges were bombed specifically at times when the traffic was as light as possible and leaflets were dropped warning civilians in the area to evacuate ahead of strikes on Hezbala infrastructure.

2. Hezbala deliberately sets up their rocket launchers inside civilian areas. The bombs dropped by Israeli planes have cameras on them. The tapes are shown at IDF spokespan’s press briefings nearly every day. If you saw where they put theĀ  launchers, you might feel sick with rage. This is a terribly difficult problem,
however given that those rockets are aimed at Israeli towns, it is Hezbala giving the IAF the ultimatum “our civilians or yours” – any pilot who sees 15 rockets pointed at Haifa has to bomb them regardless of what is near the launcher, or he may as well go to Haifa and take out an apartment block himself.

3. Israel has no choice but to try to eliminate Hezbala. This is where you might want to bring in the idea of proportionality: Options. They have many, we don’t. If Hezbala would stop attacking Israel’s northern border and give back those two soldiers, they could live out the rest of their days without seeing another IDF uniform.
We, on the other hand are out of options. Past prisoner swaps have led to more attacks. Withdrawal from territory has led to more attacks. We have no way of incenting peace, and so the only available option is to remove Hezbala’s ability to fire rockets at Israeli towns and cities.

This is a war that Hezbala started. Hezbala holds a full hand of cards when it comes to ways to end it. We have one. How disproportionate.

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Know Hope

Mysterious signs…

If you have been hanging around in Tel Aviv in the last little while (and you pay attention to the things vandals write on other people's property), then you may have noticed the phrase "know hope" turning up in a lot of places. I saw my first one about 4 months ago and thought it was a clever play on words which aptly describes the pervading Israeli optimism-based-on-sheer-terror feeling that a lot of us have about the situation here.

Then a few days ago I found this sign:

A bench

Maybe there's more to this than I thought… If you can't see the writing, it says (in English): "A bench is a seat is a bed is a dead tree for different people."


I found another one…

Know Hope 2 

This one says: "My brothers are dead my sisters are crying I've got a television set and a pair of headphones playing the most beautiful fucking music I have ever heard."

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A True Friend of Israel (and anyone else who wants to live Jihad-free)

Journalists who are brave enough to speak out against Jihad are too rare. Journalists who are willing to speak out against Hamas' version of it are even more rare.

Magdi Allam is a brave Egyptian-Italian journalist who is not afraid of telling it like it really is in Europe. This week he was awarded the Dan David prize in Israel.

He is a true friend of Israel – not because he unconditionally supports Israel for its own sake, but because he believes in the universal right of every person to life. And in the "clash of civilizations", that particular truth happens to favor Israel's right to defensible borders and life without Jihad.

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