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Great Op-Ed by Jeffrey Goldberg: Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas

With the obsessive, yet unbelievably shallow MSM coverage of this conflict – I find myself constantly tired, upset and nauseous. This editorial piece by Jeffrey Goldberg is one of those that’s like having a bucket of ice water dumped on you.

Not only is it incredibly interesting, but it comes from someone who has deep, personal, first-hand experience with the place and the players involved here.

From the NYT:

Chilling quote:

I asked him the question I always ask of Hamas leaders: Could you agree
to anything more than a tactical cease-fire with Israel? I felt
slightly ridiculous asking: A man who believes that God every now and
again transforms Jews into pigs and apes might not be the most obvious
candidate for peace talks at Camp David. Mr. Rayyan answered the
question as I thought he would, saying that a long-term cease-fire
would be unnecessary, because it will not take long for the forces of
Islam to eradicate Israel.

It is also shows us that one of the reasons why so many people do not understand what is going on here is because of the Western media’s collective unwillingness to expose the radical leaders of Hamas for who they are. They are talking (well in the case of Nizr Rayyan, he was talking) – but for some reason, most of what these leaders are saying just never makes it into print.

If you are one of the people who thinks that there is a way for Israel and Hamas to negotiate a settlement, you should read this op-ed. It is a rare specimen of Hamas’ real ideology in print in English.


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Great editorial by Jonathan Kay about the Operation Cast Lead’s effect on Canadian Left

It’s been a long time since there has been a left-wing Canadian politician who isn’t a downright cartoon.

Jonathan Kay welcomes Michael Ignatieff’s pro-Israel stance: Finally, an adult is in charge of this party. Link to National Post Editorial.

Here in Canada, the war has led to another welcome schism, dividing the
Left between its adult and child factions — between those mature enough
to understand that Israel has the same right to defend itself against
suicide bombs and rockets as any other nation, and those who believe
Israeli Jews should pay for the original sin of existence by passively
enduring terrorism in perpetuity.

The only thing I could criticize this article for is that comparing people like Naomi Klein to children is an insult to children. <shudder>

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Anyone else find this a bit on the creepy side?

I was poking around a somewhat left-wing Israeli blog on my lunch break and I saw that it won this:
Brass Crescent Bestest Infidel
When I saw the image it rubbed me the wrong way… so I clicked it to see if I could find out if it was what I thought it was.
And it was: Here’s the description of the award category:

Which blog writen by a non-Muslim is most respectful of Islam and seeks genuine dialogue with Muslims?

I checked out the Jewish and Israeli blog awards rules to see if there is a “Greatest Goy” category, but there is not. I’m relieved. I’d be embarrassed if we started handing out awards that required the entrants to put their religion on the form. Aside from that, it’s an interesting instance of Orientalism in action… I hope.


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A letter in the Observer

So they publish this very earnest letter begging the government of Israel to stop it’s side of the war.

Read between the lines: This is a most succinct statement of why this war happened and why Israel was pushed into a corner and left with basically no other alternative

Israel, we support you – but hear our plea

To the government of Israel

are writing this letter as profound and passionate supporters of
Israel. We look upon the increasing loss of life on both sides of the Gaza
conflict with horror. We have no doubt that rocket attacks into
southern Israel, by Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups, are
war crimes against Israel. No sovereign state should, or would,
tolerate continued attacks and the deliberate targeting of civilians.

had a right to respond and we support the Israeli government’s decision
to make stopping the rocket attacks an urgent priority.

However, we believe that only negotiations can secure long-term security for Israel and the region.

are concerned that rather than bringing security to Israel, a continued
military offensive could strengthen extremists, destabilise the region
and exacerbate tensions inside Israel with its one million Arab
citizens. The offensive and the mounting civilian victims – like the
Lebanon war in 2006 – also threaten to undermine international support
for Israel.

We stand alongside the people of Israel and urge
the government of Israel and the Palestinian people, with the
assistance of the international community, to negotiate:

• An
immediate and permanent ceasefire entailing an end to all rocket
attacks and the complete and permanent lifting of the blockade of Gaza.

• International monitoring of the ceasefire agreement, including
measures to ensure the security of the borders between Israel and Gaza
as well as the prevention of weapons smuggling into Gaza.

It is
our desire to see a durable solution for ordinary people and our view
that an immediate ceasefire is not only a humanitarian necessity but
also a strategic priority for the future security of Israelis,
Palestinians and people of the region.
Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield
Sir Jeremy Beecham
Professor David Cesarani
Professor Shalom Lappin
Michael Mitzman
Baroness Julia Neuberger
Rabbi Danny Rich
Rabbi Professor Marc Saperstein
Rabbi Dr Michael Shire
Sir Sigmund Sternberg
Paul Usiskin

I wonder if there is (or ever was) one addressed to the
Government of Gaza – i.e. Hamas. I mean since that’s who “the
negotiations” would presumably be with. Although it doesn’t say.
At least they bothered to pay lip service to the pesky rocket problem
before getting down the brass tacks of nebulous negotiation and the
solution/mega-burn of another international force to stand around
watching the terrorists re-arm.

This part is my favourite:

“We are concerned that rather than bringing security to Israel, a
continued military offensive could strengthen extremists, destabilise
the region and exacerbate tensions inside Israel with its one million
Arab citizens.”

It reminds me of that scene from The Life of Brian where the old guy
is about to be stoned and they tell him “you’re only making it worse
for yourself” to which he replies “Worse? How could it be worse?”

This letter is actually a case in point of why this awful war was
necessary. Everyone had 8 years to write letters and wring their hands
and be horrified and involve the international community. But they
didn’t – because the bottom line is that rockets at Israeli civilians
is livable, a war in Gaza against Hamas is not. And since that’s our
basic premise for the negotiations, I really don’t see what other
options Israel has right now than to dispose of Hamas.

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Welcome to Israel, Joe the Plumber!!

I read this on YNet and it made my day!

Amazing how little it takes to lift my spirits from spending my days in the mainstream media Israel hatefest…

Joe the Plumber is going to be covering the Gaza Update section for pjtv.

Joe, we need someone who is going to tell it like it is and cut the crap already – I for one am very happy to see you.

There is also a kind of poetic justice that someone trained to fix toilets is going to be the new kid in on the Gaza media block 🙂

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Great Krauthammer article on the need for Israel win the war against Hamas

As opposed to sell more of our future security down the river – like we did by allowing the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon to safeguard Hezbola’s rearmament.

Article by Charles Krauthammer here.

The “international community” is
now pushing very hard for a Gaza replay of that charade. Does anyone
imagine that international monitors will risk their lives to prevent
weapons smuggling? To arrest terrorists? To engage in shootouts with
rocket-launching teams attacking Israeli civilians across the Gaza

Of course not. Weapons will
continue to be smuggled. Deeper and more secure fortifications will be
built for the next round. Mosques, schools and hospitals will again be
used for weapons storage and terrorist safe havens. Do you think French
“peacekeepers” are going to raid them?

Such a deal would buy Israel maybe a couple of years. After which,
Round Two — with Hamas rockets by then killing civilians in Tel Aviv,
making Ben-Gurion airport unusable and reaching Israel’s nuclear
reactor in Dimona.

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Hamas Video from MEMRI – who they are

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4 Questions

Reading/hearing/watching the media reports of the last few days have oddly given me a very similar feeling to the one I get actually hearing an explosion.

It is sickening.
To anyone – anyone at all who is criticizing Israel and/or Operation Cast Lead. I have these questions:

How can Israel stop Hamas from firing rockets at civilian populations?

Why is Hamas operating from civilian areas? Why are they storing rockets in mosques? Why are they firing mortars from schools?

We know that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza – but ask yourself: What about the Rafah crossing (Gaza-Egypt)? Where is the media coverage of the fact that Egypt isn’t sending much of anything into the Gaza strip for civilivans or helping to treat the injured? (BTW, I’m not blaming Egypt for this, I firmly believe that Hamas is responsible for not allowing injured Palestinians to leave).

There are 800,000 Israelis living in rocket range. We cannot live with Grad rockets falling on our schools, shopping centers and homes. We cannot keep our children at home all year because the schools won’t withstand rocket attacks. We have to build our daycare centers underground because the air raid siren gives you a maximum of 45 seconds warning. If this was happening to you, what would you expect your government to do about it?

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A letter from Israel

Just a “hasbara” piece I wrote.

Dear friends,
Just a couple of short weeks after returning from our wonderful visit, we find ourselves again at war. This one is closer to home for us, although thankfully we are not directly in harm’s way.

I wanted to write to you because as usual, the news media, the United Nations and many foreign governments are again, attacking Israel for defending herself against terror. I know that this message is being delivered to friends. To people who, though not here physically, are here with us in your hearts and thoughts and prayers. If you want to know if you can help Israel in this fight, you can. Your voices are all we have against the massive distortions of reality and the campaign to deligitimize the right of the Jewish State to defend herself.

The Arab propaganda machine, helped by most of the mainstream news wires, the UN and most of Europe’s leadership are doing their utmost to cloud the real issue here. To try to make this about crimes against the Palestinians and to characterize Israel as a monster. These are lies. People who take responsibility for knowing the truth are aware of this. People who love Israel and who apply the same moral standards to all people and all governments can and must speak out against this.

When news outlets like CNN use phrases like “assault on civilians in Gaza”, remind them of the pamphlets that are dropped and the Arabic-speaking Israeli soldiers who phone the residents surrounding Hamas targets hours in advance warning them to get out in order to minimize civilian casualties – despite the significant negative impact on our own campaign. Remind them that while the images broadcast are chaotic and bloody, the IAF has managed to acheive an incredibly miniscule 10-15% civilian casualty rate – surgical by any standard and something to be contrasted with Hamas’ 100% civilian casualty rate in their sustained rocket attacks against Israel.
Remind them that the enemy’s military leader purposely put his wives and children in a home built on an enormous weapons cache full of explosives and missiles in order to either use helpless civilians as human shields or to purposely bring about their deaths because he realizes that to the average news consumer, all he needs to do is make sure the numbers of casualties are high enough and he has acheived his goal against Israel.

When they decry the fact that there is a humanitarian crisis (caused by Israel) in Gaza, remind them that the hospitals in Gaza are now doubly crowded because of Hamas “fighters” are hiding in them.
Remind them of theline of dozens of trucks carrying food and medical supplies into Gaza – supplied by Israel – in the days before the operation.

When you hear that familiar, ridiculous phrase “disproportionate response”, remind them that this operation follows over 4000 rockets and another 4000 mortar shells fired out of Gaza into Israel at Israeli towns in the last 8 years. Towns with special centers set up to handle the thousands of residents being treated for chronic anxiety from living with constant sirens.
Towns whose children haven’t had one school year without major interruption because their schools aren’t constructed to withstand mortars. Towns whose kindergartens and daycare centers are set up in bomb shelters because when a kassam rocket is fired, there is only a few seconds to get to shelter before it falls – not enough time to collect toddlers and get them to safety.
Remind them that 6 days ago they couldn’t be bothered to care – nevermind protest and write articles – about the fact that cities in the south of Israel have been hit with rocket attacks for the last 7 years.

When the U.N. representatives from vicious Arab dictatorships are permitted to showcase their lies in the nodding forum of the security council and call this a massacre or compare it to the slaughter they stood idly by and watched happen in Rwanda, they should be reminded of the Rafah crossing into Egypt – which could be used to bring supplies into Gaza just like the crossings from Israel could, but instead is a line of empty waiting Egyptian ambulances because Hamas won’t let the injured out to Egyptian hospitals.

That in contrast with the construction worker in Ashkelon – an Israeli Arab critically injured by a grad rocket, who was rescued by Israeli paramedics and treated by Israeli doctors just the same as if he were a Jewish citizen of Israel. Because the implication that this is an ethnic conflict is a slap in the face to every Jew on this earth and something we must immediately expose as the twisted lie that it is.

Show your support for those few lonely administrations who are not willing to trade their moral integrity to appease the Arab world and are standing up to state the very simple truth that Israel is only protecting her own civilian citizens and that it is within every state’s right to do that.

Never fall for the equivalence pushed by media whose motives are political correctness (or worse). Do not be afraid to speak out for the moral superiority of Israel’s value system over that of Hamas’. This just excuses the unspeakable crimes they have committed against both Israel and their own people.

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I’m back…

Hopefully writing will hold me on the right side of the sanity line. It doesn’t always work, but it’s the cheapest option.

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