tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

Ehud Speaks…

I am liveblogging this as I watch his speech on Channel 10.

Apparently the cabinet has decided that “all of the objectives set out for this campaign have been achieved.”
He then goes on to describe what has been done: tunnels blown up, their leaders are hiding, their infrastructure has been seriously damaged, etc. etc.
I guess the objective was to sacrifice a bunch of soldiers so that he could fold under international pressure and allow Hamas to get out of this saving enough face to make sure that the level of support for them only increases.
Nevermind those of us living in the south of Israel. For us apparently the objective was condemnation to our bomb shelters.
This is crap and his speech is an insult – it sounds like the thank you speech for a golden globe.
England, Italy and France are going make sure they don’t smuggle in more weapons. Our army couldn’t do it, so we hand the job to French and Italian soldiers. I would laugh if I wasn’t living 47 kms. from Gaza.


As of 2:00 AM tonight, Israel will implement the ceasefire.

Ehud: If our enemies decide that they haven’t had enough and they continue to fight with us, we will re-start operations (??? Not sure if my translation is too great on that phrase).

Update 2:

School is cancelled for tomorrow in all the cities within 40km of Gaza… so I guess the expectations for Hamas are pretty clear.


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