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Great Op-Ed by Jeffrey Goldberg: Why Israel Can’t Make Peace With Hamas

With the obsessive, yet unbelievably shallow MSM coverage of this conflict – I find myself constantly tired, upset and nauseous. This editorial piece by Jeffrey Goldberg is one of those that’s like having a bucket of ice water dumped on you.

Not only is it incredibly interesting, but it comes from someone who has deep, personal, first-hand experience with the place and the players involved here.

From the NYT:

Chilling quote:

I asked him the question I always ask of Hamas leaders: Could you agree
to anything more than a tactical cease-fire with Israel? I felt
slightly ridiculous asking: A man who believes that God every now and
again transforms Jews into pigs and apes might not be the most obvious
candidate for peace talks at Camp David. Mr. Rayyan answered the
question as I thought he would, saying that a long-term cease-fire
would be unnecessary, because it will not take long for the forces of
Islam to eradicate Israel.

It is also shows us that one of the reasons why so many people do not understand what is going on here is because of the Western media’s collective unwillingness to expose the radical leaders of Hamas for who they are. They are talking (well in the case of Nizr Rayyan, he was talking) – but for some reason, most of what these leaders are saying just never makes it into print.

If you are one of the people who thinks that there is a way for Israel and Hamas to negotiate a settlement, you should read this op-ed. It is a rare specimen of Hamas’ real ideology in print in English.


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