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writing on the walls of the white city.

A letter in the Observer

So they publish this very earnest letter begging the government of Israel to stop it’s side of the war.

Read between the lines: This is a most succinct statement of why this war happened and why Israel was pushed into a corner and left with basically no other alternative

Israel, we support you – but hear our plea

To the government of Israel

are writing this letter as profound and passionate supporters of
Israel. We look upon the increasing loss of life on both sides of the Gaza
conflict with horror. We have no doubt that rocket attacks into
southern Israel, by Hamas and other militant Palestinian groups, are
war crimes against Israel. No sovereign state should, or would,
tolerate continued attacks and the deliberate targeting of civilians.

had a right to respond and we support the Israeli government’s decision
to make stopping the rocket attacks an urgent priority.

However, we believe that only negotiations can secure long-term security for Israel and the region.

are concerned that rather than bringing security to Israel, a continued
military offensive could strengthen extremists, destabilise the region
and exacerbate tensions inside Israel with its one million Arab
citizens. The offensive and the mounting civilian victims – like the
Lebanon war in 2006 – also threaten to undermine international support
for Israel.

We stand alongside the people of Israel and urge
the government of Israel and the Palestinian people, with the
assistance of the international community, to negotiate:

• An
immediate and permanent ceasefire entailing an end to all rocket
attacks and the complete and permanent lifting of the blockade of Gaza.

• International monitoring of the ceasefire agreement, including
measures to ensure the security of the borders between Israel and Gaza
as well as the prevention of weapons smuggling into Gaza.

It is
our desire to see a durable solution for ordinary people and our view
that an immediate ceasefire is not only a humanitarian necessity but
also a strategic priority for the future security of Israelis,
Palestinians and people of the region.
Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield
Sir Jeremy Beecham
Professor David Cesarani
Professor Shalom Lappin
Michael Mitzman
Baroness Julia Neuberger
Rabbi Danny Rich
Rabbi Professor Marc Saperstein
Rabbi Dr Michael Shire
Sir Sigmund Sternberg
Paul Usiskin

I wonder if there is (or ever was) one addressed to the
Government of Gaza – i.e. Hamas. I mean since that’s who “the
negotiations” would presumably be with. Although it doesn’t say.
At least they bothered to pay lip service to the pesky rocket problem
before getting down the brass tacks of nebulous negotiation and the
solution/mega-burn of another international force to stand around
watching the terrorists re-arm.

This part is my favourite:

“We are concerned that rather than bringing security to Israel, a
continued military offensive could strengthen extremists, destabilise
the region and exacerbate tensions inside Israel with its one million
Arab citizens.”

It reminds me of that scene from The Life of Brian where the old guy
is about to be stoned and they tell him “you’re only making it worse
for yourself” to which he replies “Worse? How could it be worse?”

This letter is actually a case in point of why this awful war was
necessary. Everyone had 8 years to write letters and wring their hands
and be horrified and involve the international community. But they
didn’t – because the bottom line is that rockets at Israeli civilians
is livable, a war in Gaza against Hamas is not. And since that’s our
basic premise for the negotiations, I really don’t see what other
options Israel has right now than to dispose of Hamas.


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2 Responses

  1. @Tagraffiti,

    I thought your comment below the letter over at Lisa’s blog was just exquisite! Couldn’t have said it more stellarly myself. I’m one day behind catching up with Lisa’s posts and punchbacks, so before I sally forth to read the rest of her supporters/detractors resting above it, I wanted to salute you and your words.

    A fellow Canadian living in Prague,

  2. Red Tulips says:

    GREAT post! I am extremely disappointed in Lisa, to put it mildly. I view her as a shonda (Yiddish for shame).

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