tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

Great Krauthammer article on the need for Israel win the war against Hamas

As opposed to sell more of our future security down the river – like we did by allowing the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon to safeguard Hezbola’s rearmament.

Article by Charles Krauthammer here.

The “international community” is
now pushing very hard for a Gaza replay of that charade. Does anyone
imagine that international monitors will risk their lives to prevent
weapons smuggling? To arrest terrorists? To engage in shootouts with
rocket-launching teams attacking Israeli civilians across the Gaza

Of course not. Weapons will
continue to be smuggled. Deeper and more secure fortifications will be
built for the next round. Mosques, schools and hospitals will again be
used for weapons storage and terrorist safe havens. Do you think French
“peacekeepers” are going to raid them?

Such a deal would buy Israel maybe a couple of years. After which,
Round Two — with Hamas rockets by then killing civilians in Tel Aviv,
making Ben-Gurion airport unusable and reaching Israel’s nuclear
reactor in Dimona.


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