tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

4 Questions

Reading/hearing/watching the media reports of the last few days have oddly given me a very similar feeling to the one I get actually hearing an explosion.

It is sickening.
To anyone – anyone at all who is criticizing Israel and/or Operation Cast Lead. I have these questions:

How can Israel stop Hamas from firing rockets at civilian populations?

Why is Hamas operating from civilian areas? Why are they storing rockets in mosques? Why are they firing mortars from schools?

We know that there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza – but ask yourself: What about the Rafah crossing (Gaza-Egypt)? Where is the media coverage of the fact that Egypt isn’t sending much of anything into the Gaza strip for civilivans or helping to treat the injured? (BTW, I’m not blaming Egypt for this, I firmly believe that Hamas is responsible for not allowing injured Palestinians to leave).

There are 800,000 Israelis living in rocket range. We cannot live with Grad rockets falling on our schools, shopping centers and homes. We cannot keep our children at home all year because the schools won’t withstand rocket attacks. We have to build our daycare centers underground because the air raid siren gives you a maximum of 45 seconds warning. If this was happening to you, what would you expect your government to do about it?


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