tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

Know Hope Part 2

More mysterious signs…

Here is the latest discovery in the "Know Hope" series…. I found this on Saturday morning in a corner of Rabin Square.

Know Hope series 3

If you can't make it out, it says: "Its strange that we need borders and fences im not saying that i dont know why people would feel that way and i am not saying that i have an alternative solution of my own but i gotta say what i see in front of me my humour and these these words save me extremities." know hope

According to the "u" in "humour", the author must not be an American…
Click here to see my post about previous entries.


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3 Responses

  1. Dotan Mazor says:

    That’s a nice piece of text, that practically says noting.

    The phrase “know hope” is a good one, because it makes people think. The given example here is an exact opposite to the “know hope” simplicity.

    “know hope” serves the public, whereas this example serves almost no one but the writer himself.


  2. Diana Alvarez says:

    Know Hope we are chasing you.
    I have an idea, we should post here everything from Know Hope, may be this way we can really find out more about him.
    I think he has a lot to say. (I have 2 more pics) If you wanto to upload them.

    I didnt know how.

  3. thisislimbo says:

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