tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

Hell just got a whole lot hotter…

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the family killed by a mine planted by Hamas in Gaza on Thursday. There was never any doubt in my mind that the IDF was not guilty of this atrocity. I knew it because you can take the worst and most despicable acts of IDF soldiers in the territories, and they aren't even in the same league as planting land mines in civilian areas.

The Palestinians have a saying that "the occupation is hell".

Just like we Israelis never imagined that one day we would be begging for Fatah as a negotiating partner, I think the Palestinian side of the same coin is going to hold an even more shocking surprise – as bad as things were for Gazans when the Jews were there, the Hamas government is going to make it look like the good old days.

There is a vicious sort of irony for this poor family who was destroyed completely by this mine – if Israel had not ended the horrible tyrannous occupation of Gaza, if the IDF was still there on the ground – these people would be alive today.

If the average Palestinian voter would have been capable of putting the fear for his own safety above his hatred of Jews, he would be in less danger than he is now – the Israeli Army would not have allowed this to happen.

They would have raided a tunnel to confiscate the explosives, or perhaps assassinated those who placed it. And they would have been hated for this abhorrent crime of murdering "militants" whose funerals would be turned into parades, and there would be posters of the "martyrs" killed by the brutal occupation – and six innocent kids would have been saved from stepping on a land mine during a family picnic. 


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