tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

Know Hope

Mysterious signs…

If you have been hanging around in Tel Aviv in the last little while (and you pay attention to the things vandals write on other people's property), then you may have noticed the phrase "know hope" turning up in a lot of places. I saw my first one about 4 months ago and thought it was a clever play on words which aptly describes the pervading Israeli optimism-based-on-sheer-terror feeling that a lot of us have about the situation here.

Then a few days ago I found this sign:

A bench

Maybe there's more to this than I thought… If you can't see the writing, it says (in English): "A bench is a seat is a bed is a dead tree for different people."


I found another one…

Know Hope 2 

This one says: "My brothers are dead my sisters are crying I've got a television set and a pair of headphones playing the most beautiful fucking music I have ever heard."


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  2. iqkeku says:


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