tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

The path of least resistance…

Dan Drezner has a great post from yesterday asking what the Cheney camp is up to with respect to Iran – i.e. why not negotiate with them?

I have one good reason not to negotiate: It seems to be working. Has anyone noticed that this whole crisis between Iran and the US has been the sound of one hand clapping? The United States has effectively completely ignored Ahmadinejad. He makes scary speeches full of implicit and explicit threats to America and Israel, overtures to "intermediaries" and sends a whackjob letter to the President and although the media is doing it's thing generating hysteria, at no time has he gotten more than a dismissive one-sentence comment from Condi.
All the while he seems to be moving in the right direction – now he's asking for negotiations. This guy needs to deliver "Iran the Superpower". If he can't get the US to talk to him, then he has not succeeded.
As an Israeli, I can tell you that the rate of progress toward the table shown by this despotic regime is remarkable and well… if it ain't broke…


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