tel aviv graffiti


writing on the walls of the white city.

One of the few who get it

Here is a quote from Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s acceptance speech to the American Jewish Committee who recently gave her their Award for Moral Courage:

“Either way, we in the free world have war with Iran under Ahmadinejad. So the choice is not between peace and war. The choice that we have to make is between war with Ahmadinejad with a nuclear bomb or war with Ahmadinejad without a nuclear bomb.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is one of those rare people whose courage is something that ordinary men can’t even imagine and this courage is more evidence that the women of Islam are our only hope. They are the true victims of oppression and they are the ones who have so little to lose and so much to gain by the defeat of Islamism.

LGF link

Listen to her – more of us should.

I’m proud to inaugurate my new blog with a post about her. She’s one of my heroes.


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